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Istanbul: The Drug

by Edwin Gardner

dutch skies

Well what to say… I’m back in the low and flat lands of the Netherlands again. Still suspended between here and Istanbul, not landed yet, not really touched down. Of course practically nothing changed in ‘Dutchia’, and besides that I’m not back in my old home yet and still living from my suitcase. So it still feels somewhat like i’m on the move. Well maybe this in between condition is a good rehab from my Istanbul drug. Although it still feels a bit like a ‘cold turkey’.

Istanbul skies

A few days before I left and I put my last visiting friends into a taxi to the airport, I had a chat with a psychology student in the Chill Out Hostel. We talked about Istanbul how I liked it etc.. Bottom line we agreed that Istanbul was an amplifier of feelings. The poetic and romantic character of the city mixed with the merciless energy of modernity makes that, when you feel good, you feel on top of the world and when you feel down, you feel like you’re almost in the gutter. And guess what that is exactly what drugs do right… So for my very pleasant Istnabul habit … addiction is pleasantly lurking around the corner.